Bhavishya Montessori House

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About us

Bhavishya Montessori House is a school for Toddlers, Pre-Primary, Elementary and Autistic children at Bapatla.  It is located on the main road from Clock Tower towards Suryalanka Beach.

Childhood is a stage of life, where a child is in its tender age and needs to be exposed to new things and learning realms of life.  The child is very enthusiastic and inquisitive. The child needs to be tended for all its physical needs, intellectual needs, etiquette, good habits to conduct himself, learning skills, craft skills, languages and scientific approach.

Bhavishya Montessori House is a suitable place with a congenial learning environment for your child. The child is taken care of in all areas of learning and identifying the social needs, personal needs, intellectual needs, language and scientific thinking.

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